Rendering Town Park

Imagining A More Vibrant & Accessible Town Park for Mt. Crested Butte

“The great thing is that it is on a hill, and the difficult thing is that it is on a hill.” In 2021, Superbloom worked closely with the Town of Mt. Crested Butte to envision enhancements to the existing Town Park and Wedding Garden. The proposal will expand accessibility to all areas of the park through new ADA pathways on the very steep slopes of the 7-acre park, while upgrading the existing play areas with a year-round playscape and off-road bike trails that also maximizes the use of the hillsides and existing topography.

The most ever-present challenge of being a landscape architect is conveying your intention and vision through a series of images. Bringing a new space to life requires effective and inspiring communication. Our team is always trying to find new ways to communicate in engaging ways that not only convey the process and vision for each of our projects, but excite and inspire those who will one day enjoy it. Making booklets helps us tell the story of a space in a way that is familiar and accessible to many.

Flip through our latest story about the improvements we envision for the future of Mt. Crested Butteā€™s Town Park below!