View of the new Populus Hotel green roof design by Superbloom Landscape Architects

Populus Hotel Landscape Design Kicks-off with Studio Gang Architects

Superbloom is excited to be working with Studio Gang and Urban Villages on the landscape design for the green roof, rooftop terrace and streetscape for Downtown Denver’s new Populus Hotel

The stunning hotel, designed to reference Colorado’s most iconic tree, the Quaking Aspen (Populus tremuloides) is located at the corner of Civic Center Park, and will bring new life to Denver’s civil, arts, and commercial districts. Populus will include an accessible restaurant, bike shop, café, incubator, and extensive green rooftop terrace. The project aims to maximize sustainability through innovative high performance building envelope, solar energy, native habitat and more.

Other team members include: Kimley Horn, American Hydrotech, Studio NYL, Design Agency, WSP, Arup, LS Group, Lerch Bates, Advanced Consulting Engineers. 

The project has been featured in Fast Company, Arch Daily, Dezeen, Arch Paper, and 303 Magazine


Graphic of pollinators for green roof at Populus hotel
Relationship matrix of pollinators to vegetation design on the Populus green roof.


Below images and design renderings courtesy of Studio Gang Architects. More information on the Studio Gang Populus webpage.


Diagram Studio Gang
A green roof terrace planted with regional vegetation at the building’s top, providing a lush and attractive habitat for local wildlife and insects.


Render of Populus hotel, courtesy of Studio Gang
Render of Populus hotel, courtesy of Studio Gang