Wave garden view of Windler/1881 Farm Park designed by Superbloom

Superbloom Selected to Lead 1881 Park Design Team at Windler Homestead

This summer, Superbloom was selected to lead the design of a state-of-the-art 10-acre farm park at the site of the historic Windler homestead in Colorado’s High Plains. The design team includes Shape Architecture Studio, Buenas Huertas Permaculture Design, Olsson Engineering, Cullen Lighting Studio, and Hydrosystems KDI


Image of Henry and Anna Windler
Henry and Anna Windler


1881 has the unique opportunity to redefine the relationship between people and the land and to reconnect us to the delicate systems that allow us to bring food to our tables in the High Plains desert of Colorado. Located on the former homestead of Henry and Anna Windler, this park site offers a chance to connect users to the extraordinary history of Colorado farming. In the current context of growing global climate instability, drought, soil erosion, and loss of biodiversity, such a project also entreats us to imagine a new future for dryland agriculture, one that is intimately connected to the surrounding ecosystem. 

Envisioned as an educational model and a training ground for regenerative agricultural practices, the park will serve as a new standard in sustainable design and as a focal point of connection in the new Windler community. Leveraging ancient holistic practices with new sustainable technologies, 1881 Farm Park will be a dynamic ecosystem of people, plants and animals that work in harmony to build healthy soil, healthy food and a healthy community.


Windler Homestead rendering


Drawing from local and regional experts in permaculture, dryland farming, aeroponics, traditional farming, orchard management, cheese-making, farm-to-fork dining, we are focused on deepening our knowledge of what agriculture can be and how it can positively impact the greater community. We are cataloging our process, lessons learned, and design iterations through a series of books. Our newest iteration is available for preview here: 1881 Windler Farm Park: Book Two – A Regenerative Future.