Heather Tietz, Superbloom Designer, wins 2021 ASLA Student Research Award

Team member, Heather Teitz, has been awarded an ASLA Student Research Honor Award for exploring the relationship between 3D printed clay substrates and moss ecosystems. Her research-through-design approach explores the potential ecosystem services of moss in urban built environments. 

Using primitive 3D printing technology, Heather explored the efficacy of a number of ceramic materials and forms to sustain a variety of mosses. These modular “bryobricks” can be used to form a number of landscape amenities and features.  The research challenges current landscape typologies such as living walls, with a lightweight, cost-effective moss alternative. 

More information on Heather’s award winning design here: Foreground for Mosses: Designing 3D Printed Clay Bryobricks to Enhance the Built Environment