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Superbloom Founders on Architect-ing Podcast Episode

Superbloom Founders talk process, journey and inspiration on Architect-ing Podcast Episode

Architect-ing Podcast: A platform to bring together Colorado architects and tell the stories behind their images

The purpose of this podcast is to discover the stories of architects, to introduce the outside world and other architects to the personal experiences of our profession. In our interconnected, international world, this podcast will purposefully be local and narrow, focusing not on well known national stars, but on a specific, local community.

“Stacy Passmore and Diane Lipovsky, co-founders of Superbloom, join the Architect-ing podcast to talk about their relatively new landscape architecture firm. We dive into their varied backgrounds living and working in locations such as Washington DC, Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Vancouver, Telluride, Ghana and Nigeria before both attending Harvard (a decade apart). Stacy and Diane met at Civitas and after a fortuitous camping trip, Superbloom was formed in 2021.

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We talk about running a firm as a partnership, hiring employees, winning projects (Such as 1881/Windler Farm Park) and building community. After the credits they flip the table and ask Adam questions about his influences, they talk about their favorite Architect-ing episodes, and their experiences reviewing architecture students.

These talks will aim to document the profession in a way that goes beyond the final, glossy images of buildings on websites and into the real experiences, struggles, toils and successes of architects.”

This episode is sponsored by Modern In Denver. The show is hosted and produced by Adam Wagoner.