Superbloom wins 2022 Jeff Harnar Award

Superbloom has won its first landscape architecture award – the Jeff Harnar award in the category of Unbuilt Landscape Architecture. The 2022 awards, given to continue groundbreaking work in the area of contemporary design, were announced Friday April, 15. recognizes an unbuilt work of exemplary contemporary landscape architecture in the Four Corners states, and one that broadens the definition of Southwestern landscape architecture. For the 1881 Heritage Farm Park project, Superbloom in collaboration with Shape Architecture is developing a vision that seeks to reconnect us with the delicate agricultural systems of the American West. It was recognized by jurors Andres Jaque, Pheobe Lickwar and Carlos Jimenez as a gesture to history books and important work about educating on sustainability culture. 

They loved how the spatial formal thinking of architecture in this project conveyed complexity, a history of the place, and was rich in ceremony. Envisioned as an educational model and a training ground for regenerative agricultural practices, the park will serve as a new standard in sustainable design and as a focal point of connection in the new Windler community.

Collage of 1881 Heritage Farms imagesLeveraging ancient holistic practices with new sustainable technologies, 1881 Farm Park will be a dynamic ecosystem of people, plants and animals that work in harmony to build healthy soil, healthy food and a healthy community.

Drawing from local and regional experts in permaculture, dryland farming, aeroponics, traditional farming, orchard management, cheese-making, farm-to-fork dining, we are focused on deepening our knowledge of what agriculture can be and how it can positively impact the greater community. We are cataloging our process, lessons learned, and design iterations through a series of books. Our newest iteration is available for preview here: 1881 Windler Farm Park: Book Two – A Regenerative Future  or visit the project page.