• Women in Architecture sing at 8x8 UC Denver lecture

CAP Guest Lecture: Women in Landscape 8×8

On Monday April 12, principal designer and co-founder of Superbloom Diane Lipovsky presented as a guest lecturer at the CAP Guest Lecture Women in Landscape 8×8. The Spring 2022 Lecture series at CU Denver College of Architecture and Planning (CAP) highlights the challenges and opportunities of the present, hosting leaders and visionaries from around the world and encouraging creative work and dialogue.



The Department of Landscape Architecture hosted the event featuring eight women leaders in landscape architecture presenting for eight minutes each. This is the inaugural event in an annual series that features the work and women of landscape architecture. The event is designed to encourage students to take on leadership roles as they grow in the profession, provide networking opportunities, and demonstrate a supportive, collaborative, and active community of underrepresented voices. Lipovsky spoke about previous projects that her define her career and Superbloom’s desire to positively transform the world through ecologically sensitive design – the biggest and most expansive reflection of the firm’s work being a 15-acre park in Aurora called 1881 Farm Park

Superbloom principals speak at the UC Denver 8x8 women's lecture